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Name: A-K™
Sex: Male
Age: 791
Location: L04DiNg . . . . . PlE4s3 w4iT ███████████] 99% ๏̯͡๏♦♦♦ ♦♦♦
Cell phone model: Mozilla
Mood: aTtiTuDe_k!lLeR
Posts: 61345672
PM's sent: 56
Quiz Points: 274
Groups: 12 | 933
Battle Stats:
Level: 29
Health: dead
About: Em vID l0tx aWf aTT!TudE...aTT!TudE iX pHillEd int0o mEHhh upt0o mOi BriM vID Str0nG EGO n PRIDE..iF yEw dn lYk mOi aTT!TudE. dEn ShuT dA phUQ Up ! dn sh0o mEh yEwr aTT!TudE c0X yEw cAnt hAndlE mEHhh..!!
Chat-ZonE.Mobi member since 19-07-2011
Last Active: 23-05-2018 (20:38:27)

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